Service team
Service advantages
  • 01

    11 years experience in industry application

    Grasp the core principles, explore customer industry and the production process characteristics, provide customized service

  • 02

    Professional engineering design and installation team

    Plant planning, water and electricity, clean room engineering design, construction give full consideration to the future development and space utilization

  • 03

    All category product customization services

    Focus concentrated feed, independent research and development design and manufacturing, can provide the whole category related product customization

  • 04

    Strong performance lower consumption

    Through the performance simulation experiment, ensure the equipment performance, realize the energy consumption of the cultivated land

  • 05

    All the industrial chain system

    Solutions, factory planning, equipment manufacturing, engineering, construction, integration of technical support services, higher quality and lower cost

  • 06

    Standard strict service mechanism

    Strictly regulate the service, to provide professional and friendly service experience, protect the interests of customers

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